My name is Diana Duran.  I am a mom of 3 wonderful, loving, silly and vibrant kids.  I am a wife, I am a friend and an advocate to inspire and make a difference in the world.  I am bilingual and proud Latina who was born in New York City and grew up traveling back and forth to the Dominican Republic where my parents were born.  I grew up speaking Spanish, through my family I learned about the wonderful traditions in our culture while also growing up in the North East and embracing the US culture.  My professional background is in International Relocation where I help companies and families relocate to a new country or state.  Like my professional background, I enjoy helping others and look forward to connecting families to some great local places where you can go with your children, connect with other parents and enjoy the moment.  

Social Moms and Dads came about with the birth of my second son and my new life in Florida with my oldest son and husband.  We moved to FL in 2009, I stayed home with my first and got pregnant with the second shortly after.  I decided to stay home for a while and enjoy my son and the pregnancy.   I had always worked full time, as a first time stay-at-home mom, I found that there was a good mix of activities for children in my area, many activities that were either free or at a very minimum cost effective.  It was a bit overwhelming as there was a lot to do with the kids.  After some time, and as my kids were growing, I would research and try to find different activities and I found that I had to go to many different sites, that is when I thought of Social Moms and Dads, one place you go to search for things to do with your kids in your area.  I love that my husband and so many other dads I know take active roles with their kids so I wanted to include dads as well. 

Social Moms and Dads is a place where both parents can find activities, make meaningful memories, read articles, find reviews,  get tips and help you as a parent.   

After going back to work in Corporate America for a few years, I had a beautiful surprise, I was pregnant with my 3rd baby.  I am back at putting this idea that I had sketched many years ago into reality.  Today, my first son is 10 years old, my second son is 8 years old and I have a little girl, she is 2 years old.  I thrive in making fruitful connections with them and other parents. We are in an age of technology and social media, so ensuring that we are active and also working on our children’s social skills is truly important to me.  

Our job as parents is not easy and I know that every little bit helps.  I hope this website can be a resource for you to plan some fun activities with your children.  I look forward to sharing places where you can make wonderful memories with your family.   

Welcome to SOCIAL MOMS and DADS and please feel free to write to me if you have any questions at;